Valentine’s Day is Tuesday, and in honor of V-Day, I thought I’d post one of my favorite “I love you” movie scenes a day until the big day!

I love 'Casablanca'!  There is no better movie love story than the triangle between Ilsa (Ingrid Bergman), Rick (Humphrey Bogart, hubba hubba!), and Victor (Paul Henreid).  Rick and Ilsa fall in love in Paris, her husband comes back from the dead, she leaves Rick heartbroken in Paris, they meet again in Casablanca, fall in love all over again and are forced to part because Victor has to single-handedly win WWII and needs Ilsa by his side.


That's why I love old movies!  And this scene is why I love, love, love 'Casablanca'.  This is the last time Ilsa and Rick will ever see each other, and even though they never say "I love you", when Rick says, "We'll always have Paris", you know that's exactly what he means!

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