It is a bittersweet announcement as El Paso's Bella Cora Bakery has announced their new chapter.

The current owner Jonathan Bowden made the announcement on social media on June 15th as he shared his love for El Paso and his plans for the future. He will be attending Seminary to pursue a full time Christian ministry to pursue his passion for sharing the lord's gospel, so he along with his family will be moving out of El Paso.

If Bella Cora Bakery does not find a new owner, it will be closed for good by December 31st, 2020, according to their Facebook post.

The El Paso community needs to help find Bella Cora a new owner. Also, don't think that the new owner will be left all alone and confused. Jonathan will still be here to help the new owner maintain quality for the future chapter of Bella Cora.

So much goodness has been made in those Bella Cora ovens, as both East and West side locations proudly served El Paso. I just purchased my mom a delicious Mother's Day cake and the employees were so good about staying safe and being clean about the pick up process.

I've admired the beauty of the desserts as well as the deliciousness Bella Cora has served up over the years in El Paso. I hope nothing but the best for the future of the Jonathan and his family. I also hope that some amazing El Pasoan will buy up the bakery and continue to serve El Pasoans some amazing treats.

If you know anyone who might be interested in owning a bakery, please email

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