When movie theaters closed down a couple of months ago because of the coronavirus pandemic, there were a lot of highly anticipated blockbuster movies that got pushed to the end of the year. Top Gun and Wonder Woman 1984 are just a couple of movies whose release dates will be later this year provided people start going back to movie theaters when they begin reopening.

Most El Paso theaters aren't going to open up until July. You can read more about the schedule for reopenings by clicking here. One movie theater has reopened ahead of those theater's July reopenings. Bassett Center's Premiere Cinemas reopened over Father's Day weekend. They said that they are "committed to being a shining example of how a business should reopen and follow all local, state and federal recommendations." On their website they outline the guidelines for their employees including hand washing, face coverings, and staying home if they feel sick.

Premiere Cinemas also requests that if you are feeling sick that you stay home until you feel better. There are a number of ways to pay for your ticket including cash-exchange kiosks. If you have cash, you can use the kiosk to transfer it to a Premiere Gift Card to buty tickets, concession items, or other menu items without having to exchange cash. You an also use Tap & Go cards, Apple Pay & Google Pay. You can also buy tickets online and reserve the seat you want in the theater.

You might be asked have you had any symptoms in the past 14 days such as fever, chills, dry cough or been exposed to anyone who has before you go into the theater, and beginning Monday, June 22, you will have to wear a mask inside a business unless you are eating or drinking. You can find out more about the new mask mandate by clicking here.

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