So, the word bandana has origins in the Sanskrit badhnati, that is the verb "to tie".  That is telling technique of tie-dying cloth. The bandana has become a functional accessory in history and to this day with cowboys and cowgirls, along with hard workers working in the environment to protect their nostrils and mouths from dust.

It goes even further back with ancient Greek and Roman times, the bandana is usually printed  square-shaped piece of woven cotton, made from linen and/or silk with less focus on the prints and colors.

Not only can a BANDANA save yours or someone you loves LIFE, but can used as a weapon for survival and of course it shows something you are standing up for in the political or life arena and FASHION!

Enjoy the view of 2 countries, 3 states, 2 cities, as the Wyler Aerial Tramway State Park opens up the View for Demonstrations on the numerous uses of the Bandana!  Happening every 20 minutes from 1 p.m.- 3 p.m. today, Saturday, January 20th, 2018!


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