The holidays are here, but that doesn't stop the celebration of baby showers. Kim Kardashian is making media headlines for her extra display of love & money for her choice in ice cube decor.

The decor that started all the drama were these ice cubes that Kim Kardashian proudly displayed on Twitter.

Behold! Roses inside ice. Kim K. made sure her guests didn't just enjoy their drinks by taste, but through vision. I actually really love this idea, but I can't even afford lunch. I haven't had the honor of hosting a baby shower, due to never having a baby. Kim is on her third.

Here in El Paso, we have many women who go all out to celebrate the arrival of their bundle of joy. I've been to a few where they have a hall, a DJ, tons of liquor, you know the things you really need to celebrate pregnancy. I thought maybe El Pasoans weren't doing enough to be at a Kim K., level as hard as they try, so I came up with some ideas for this time of year.

Make sure to have some croissants as the table munchies because we know what happens if you don't have them available. Somehow, Kanye West will find out.

Make sure to have a flower wall in the background while you open baby shower presents, while having someone films it.

You are also going to have to create a 'Keeping Up With the Kardashian" interview cut-away section. Make sure your guests record a private congrats or share some baby advice in their best Kardashian form. These ideas are a start to having a very Kardashian Kelebration for your new, little life! Make sure to send us an invite.

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