Halloween lands on a Tuesday this year, which is totally lame. The only good side is being able to wear a costume to work. Some work places might not be okay with you wearing an elaborate costume, but if you are like me, you still want to show your Halloween pride.

Luckily, YouTubers have created fast, easy and scary subtle makeup looks you can rock at the office. No need to worry about being late for work, because these looks won't take more than a flick of a wand and a dab of some blood. Fake, of course.

Vampire Princess by NikkieTutorials

I think this is going to be my choice to try on Halloween morning. The light touch of blood as eyeshadow just blows my mind. It looks so good, I would want to wear it everyday and not worry about the judgement of my sanity.

Bat Cut-Crease Lid

A lovely way to show your Halloween pride is to stay in the color theme. Using orange and black eyeshadow, you can easily create a dramatic eye, involving a bat party.

Glam Skeleton

For those that need an extremely quick look, you can be a Glam Skeleton. Just use lots of black, draw some lines and BOOM. Scary, sexy skeleton is complete.

Pennywise from IT

The go-to Halloween costume this year will most likely be Pennywise the Dancing Clown. I like the idea of just wearing the clown makeup and showing up in regular clothes. Just imagine how terrifying it is to see horror characters in their everyday lives. Kind of like how kids freak out seeing teachers outside of the classroom.

Annabelle the Doll

If you want to put a little more effort into your look, this Annabelle the Doll tutorial is totally worth it. Scare your coworkers by staring at them every time they repeat something. I think looking at them in this makeup will creep them out enough, that they won't bug you the rest of the day.


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