When the rains roll into the El Paso area, things get messy.

Seriously, we still have flooding problems on I-10, people freak out while driving, and sometimes random rocks start falling off walls.

I live in the City of Horizon, where a lot of construction is happening. Sometimes traffic can be a headache because of this. Sometimes it is a headache because of debris on the road.

Recently the main road to get back to I-10 while in Horizon had some debris from something no one cared enough to notice, so one man stepped up to clean it up.

Mr. Avila wasn't wearing a cape or didn't have a batmobile. He did have a skateboard, broom, dustpan, and trashcan.

That is all he needed to make the community a better place.

As you can see from the Horizon City Police Department post, Mr. Avila took to the intersection of Horizon and Ashford to clean up some cement debris that had been left behind.

Again, not sure WHO left the debris, but this does happen all over the El Paso area.

Instead of ignoring it like most of us do, he stepped up to do something good.

I felt he needed more than just a Facebook shoutout from the Horizon Police Department. He needed some love from the local radio stations.

These types of actions really make your day, when things are usually so heavy in your newsfeed.

Plus anyone who called the cops and asks for help so they can clean up the road really deserves some type of recognition and a free meal. That clean-up deserved a free breakfast, just saying.

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