As the El Paso and surrounding region is experiencing triple digit temperatures, Sun Metro would like remind El Paso’s residents who are struggling to stay cool to take a ride in their air-conditioned buses and take a cool trip to any popular, air-conditioned destinations.

These extreme temperatures are especially dangerous for the elderly population, who are more prone to heat-related illnesses. Air conditioning is the best safeguard, but seniors looking to save money on their utilities or living without air conditioning can find some relief by taking Sun Metro to refrigerated buildings such as a shopping center, movie theater, recreation center, library or museum.

Seniors can ride any regular (fixed-route) bus for just 30 cents per trip with a valid Sun Metro ID card. Sun Metro IDs are free and can be obtained at any of the Sun Metro Centers:

  • Downtown Transfer Center (601 Santa Fe)
  • East Side Transfer Center (1165 Sunmount)
  • Five Points Transfer Center (2830 Montana Ave.)
  • Transit Operation Center (10151 Montana)

Active seniors looking to travel daily can save more money by purchasing a weekly pass for $2.50 or a monthly pass for $10. The passes are good for an unlimited number of bus trips for the life of the pass and can be used on any regular routes, except County Routes 83 and 84. Reduced fares are also available for people with disabilities, students and military.

Weekly passes can also be purchased on any regular bus and at a Sun Metro ticket vending machine located:

  • Downtown Transfer Center
  • East Side Transfer Center
  • Five Points Transfer Center
  • Westside Transfer Center (7535 Remcon)
  • Mission Valley Transfer Center (9065 Alameda)
  • Glory Road Transfer Center (100 E. Glory Road)

Monthly passes can be purchased at any public library, Sun Metro ticket vending machine, or at any of Sun Metro ticket office.

For more information about Sun Metro, visit or call (915) 212-3333.

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