Mitchell Mormon Jr., 32, was a 2002 graduate of Las Cruces High School. Mormon was shot and killed in the early morning hours on Saturday outside Church bar — a popular Atlanta nightclub. A incident that got national attention because of its involvement with the new president elect Donald Trump.

Mormon was on a first date with Shaunita Walker, 25, whom he had met earlier in the week during his new employee orientation. The couple was leaving the bar when a Hispanic man in his 20’s allegedly said something disrespectful to her as she walked back into the bar to get her phone, angering Mormon. He confronted the man and an argument ensued.

At one point, Mormon jokingly told the man he voted for President-elect Donald Trump, and that he would “be gone next week.” Mormon was referring to the man being deported by Trump. The argument escalated and the man left the scene then returned with a gun and opened fire on the couple, striking them both.

Walker was struck in the arm, and Mormon was shot twice. Mormon later died at a nearby hospital and Walker was later released and sent home where she is recovering. The investigation on the case continues.