Santa Claus is coming to town and you better be ready for all the questions that come with his arrival. Many children still believe in Santa in the age of Google and 'Elves on Shelves' yet with a simple "Hey Google" or "Hey Siri" you could have your child's belief in Santa disappear as quickly as his milk and cookies.

When I type in "Is Santa Real?" this is the result:

I know. Pretty sad, right?

Well according to a recent survey by, on average Texas children stop believing in Santa ta age 8.8. I am 27 and I don't believe in Santa but my mother loves to still believe he is watching me. Yet, she wonders why I am so paranoid.

Around the United States, children to average to stop believe in Old St. Nick about 7, 8 and 9-years-old.

All I know is when I have my children, they can believe in Santa as long as they also believe in Krampus. Now that is something to keep the holiday spirit alive!

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