Halloween 2021 has come and gone. While we all recover from a candy coma, the City of El Paso County Park and Recreation is celebrating their recovery from a wind storm that ripped apart their pumpkin photo op.

Like many others who proudly decorated their homes or businesses for Halloween, Ascarate Park had their beautiful pumpkin gazebo set up for El Pasoans to snap the perfect, spooky selfie.

Unfortunately, the wind came into El Paso to ruin many decorations, including the pumpkin gazebo.

As you can see, the pumpkin was ripped apart, like Cinderella's dress by her stepsisters. With no fairy godmother to help them out, the team over at Ascarate park decided to make some jokes instead of crying dramatically like a Disney princess.

All jokes aside, the team got together, grabbed some tape and Halloween decorations to Frankenstein the pumpkin back to life. Their creativity to make the pumpkin a zombie helped bring back the Halloween spirit!

I kind of like this zombie pumpkin a little better than the original. The original beauty of the pumpkin is perfect for that fall seflie, but a zombie pumpkin makes that selfie background really unique.

As El Pasoans prepare to celebrate two more major holidays, Thanksgiving and Christmas, I am looking forward to the decorations the City of El Paso Parks and Recreation will be putting up for more selfie opportunities. Will any more zombies appear? Like a zombie turkey? A zombie Santa?

I really doubt any more zombies will pop up, but I do hope to see the body of this pumpkin become a giant turkey. I hope you guys steal my idea and make this happen ASAP.

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