There is nothing worse than a dirty trash can. They smell like death warmed over and in the heat of the El Paso summer when that smell wafts across your backyard, it can totally ruin your patio mojito. Don't let that gross smelling trash can ruin your next patio party, have those repulsive receptacles cleaned out by professionals.

KVIA talked to Mark Elias who owns Binned, a business that not only cleans your cans, it sanitizes them as well. Elias says he's seen some pretty nasty stuff in trash bins like dog feces and diapers that not only smell but can be a breeding ground for bacteria. Not sure exactly why I would care about bacteria in my trash bin, but I do know that I can't stand the smell, so this service is more than likely something I will be taking advantage of in the near future.

Binned used heated water to clean trash bins and don't rely on chemicals, so the service is also environmentally friendly. For $24 you can get two bins cleaned per month. There are also other plans available, so check their website for more information.

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