No it isn't a name for a new social networking site. It's what you call yourself if you're indulged in the Twilight Series. The newest edition, Breaking Dawn, premieres tonight at midnight and people are camping out?!

I have to admit I have yet to see a Twilight movie, but I just can't get into the fantasy world of vampires and werewolves and blood Oh my! lol But seriously what's the big deal?! People are camping out at local theatres. Didn't they already get their tickets? Are they waiting to grab the front row? And more importantly, do they have a job? A life?! I don't mean to bash on these movie go-ers, but there are more important things in life. What's all the rage about? help me understand lol Buuuuut if Twilight is what you're all about, power to ya! And go Team Jacob! lol!