Win a brand new, brand name purse and even a chance to win $1000!

If you didn’t get a chance to register for the Great Purse Giveaway we will be at WB Liquors Friday afternoon from 5p-7p for another opportunity to get signed up!

**Note** If you signed up already at a WB Liquors location, we will gather all entries and pick one name right at 7pm. Listen for your name to be called out on 93.1 KISS-FM and you will have 9 minutes to call in at 880.9393 to claim your purse!!

Plus, once your out there at WB Liquors might as well stock up on all your Holiday spirits like…Jack Daniels 750ml’s only $19.99 or one of my favorite libations, Hornitos Tequila 750ml’s for only $19.99!

WB Liquors, is Texas’ last stop for liquor, wine & beer!

Join me tomorrow to see if you win yourself a purse and a chance at winning $1000 with The Great Purse Giveaway…don’t be left out!

WB Liquors, Anthony location – Exit Zero

Friday, Dec. 14th from 5p-7p