It's been more than four weeks since I started to quarantine at home. Keep in mind, I live alone with my dog, Brownie. I've about had it with sitting around watching TV. I did some research and meditating. I figured out five activities we can all do to get our minds off of this terrible virus.

1. Go outside.
I was staying indoors but that has gotten old. A walk with your dog or by yourself will do wonders for your well being. It keeps you from feeling like the "walls are closing in".

2. Read.
This sounded boring to me at first. The trick is to read something you find interesting. I started reading about economics. You can read about anything you wish. It can be books, stuff off the internet. You pick!

3. Call friends.
I'm not one to just pick up the phone and just call for no reason. I'm changing my attitude though. I have found that people appreciate your call since they are most likely sitting around too.

4. Hobbies.
Reconnect with an old hobby. I love music so I've started playing my old guitar. I hope to learn a couple of new songs. So far, I've only made my dog howl.

5. Be Grateful.
It's very important to remember your blessings. Make a list of all the things you appreciate in your life. It's amazing how much this will help put things in perspective.

Cleaning the house and working out are also things you can do to pass the time. Not my favorites so I didn't include them in my top five.  Keep social distancing and wash your hands.  The important thing is to stay busy and hopeful. This virus won't last forever.

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