A video posted on social media shows an unstable driver plowing into a car dealership in East El Paso, wrecking multiple cars on the lot.


On Monday, September 19, a video shared on FitFam shows an erratic driver crashing into the El Paso car dealership Viva Nissan.

The video also shows staff trying to help the driver before he drives off again and crashes into other vehicles in the car lot.

El Paso police were also on the scene at the east El Paso dealership on the 1300 block of Zaragoza when the erratic driver crashed into cars and curbs recklessly on Monday afternoon.

The video footage shows a white SUV recklessly driving through the parking lot at the Viva Nissan parking lot at high speed and backing into a parked vehicle as a few folks try to help the driver out.

But then, moments later, the driver puts the SUV in reverse and peels across the lot, jumping over a curb and crashing into a couple more parked cars.

The video also captures Viva Nissan team members yelling and telling the driver to stop. Finally, the driver gets stuck, and the next thing you know, El Paso Police drag out the driver, who is seen disheveled and sitting on a curb as medics check him for any injuries.

So what could have led to this wild incident? Was the driver a disgruntled employee, or was this just some random incident? Was he drunk or on drugs, or was this road rage? All speculation aside, it's evident that there was something wrong with the driver, and we're glad to hear that no one was hurt doing the crazy ordeal.

El Paso Police have not identified the driver of the SUV nor the reason for the incident; however, according to KFOX14, he was taken into custody shortly after and will be facing multiple charges.

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