When you're expecting a package to be delivered you can't help but be excited. Imagine ordering something and by the time it arrives damaged can lead your mind to wonder how. Luckily an El Paso family hasn't had that type of luck when their packages are delivered.

But it is quite surprising their packages haven't suffered any damage after every delivery. The Hernandez family has had enough of how their mailman's delivery skills are very poor. When you watch the footage for yourself you will see exactly how much someone seems to handle packages very poorly.

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It's a good thing the Hernandez family has Vivint for their home which's a security home system. The family occasionally reviews the security footage from time to time. Those times they reviewed their security cameras they were stunned to discover the mailman's poor delivery skills.

There were more than a few occasions they've caught their mailman just tossing their packages in an unprofessional manner. After reviewing the cameras you will also see the evidence of how this particular USPS mailman handles his packages for his route. I can tell you from the looks of it this El Paso USPS mailman has no respect for other's belongings.

The Hernandez family definitely plans on spreading the word so other nearby residents can be aware. Now, there are other mailmen and women who have the same exact job but handle packages with care placing them carefully on the ground. There are other people who aren't very satisfied with how this particular mailman just tosses packages that are delivered.

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