Want a mouth watering burger at home? This burger will knock your socks off!

First you start off by heading to the store. Purchase the following:

-1 pound of ground beef ( try and get the beef with the lowest percentage of fat...93%)

-Colby Jack or Jack cheese, depending on your taste. Buy the block and now the shredded because it will taste fresher grating it at home.

Of course get all the trimming that you enjoy on your burger, buns also. Lettuce, tomatoes, pickle, onion, avocado, etc.

Step one, out of the one pound of meat, make 4 patties. These will be used to make only 2 burgers though, these are monster burgers.


Next step, sprinkle on that grated cheese to two of the patties!


Next, place the uncheesed patties on top of the cheese patties! and mold the edges shut.


Lastly, throw em on the grill! They are so cheesy delish! You even can't see the cheese because it's melted throughout! Garnish and enjoy!

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