The last time we joined Amanda Bynes, she was threatening to sue everyone on Earth for using unflattering photos of her. She was also calling Perez Hilton a fatty, because maturity.

Now, she's posted a video of herself getting herself ready for a long night of twerking. And it's just as terrifying as you'd imagine.

At about noon on April 15, Amanda posted this tweet:

The video is about a minute, during which Bynes rhythmically makes strange faces into the mirror and glances at her phone while listening to 'I See Right Through to You' by DJ Encore.

Imagine a fish, above water, having a stroke during a rave. There's your visual.

Curiously enough, 18 seconds of the video are missing both from Amanda's original link and from the YouTube version above (it'll go black around 0:11 and come back around 0:29). But if you really need to see Amanda Bynes' and her Sharpie-inspired eyebrows that much longer, The Daily Mail has a full video.

She's apparently been going out more often lately -- on Saturday, April 13, a source spotted Bynes at Club Marquee in New York City, according to E!.

"I didn't see her with anyone but it started buzzing around the club that she was there and people were following her," said the source. He went on to say she was unfazed by the attention.

So the routine is to wear random objects over her head in public, but just not care when inside night clubs. Because people don't have cameras in night clubs?

And of course just a few hours after posting the video above, she once again mentioned that she was "twerking out."

You know how those tin foil hat aficionados are always talking about lizard people walking among us?

Well, never mind. It's probably nothing.

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