Professional hot mess Amanda Bynes was denied access to a private jet over the weekend after trying to use a Google vanity search in lieu of government-issued ID.

TMZ reports that Manders was attempting to board a flight out of Teterboro Airport in New Jersey when the ruckus started. The pilot made his rounds to check IDs, and when he got to Bynes, she announced her license was suspended and that she had no other form of official identification.

After the pilot informed Amanda that TSA regulations required some form of government ID, she told him to Google her and screamed "I'm Amanda Bynes!" (She should have done that dance from 'Hairspray.')

After a few phone calls, it was determined that Bynes wouldn't be issued an exemption -- we guess the TSA has seen 'She's the Man,' too -- and the case was closed.

But how do we really know that was Amanda Bynes? Isn't "I'm Amanda Bynes!" something someone would shout if they wanted you to think they were Amanda Bynes? Did this woman smell like a Cheech & Chong gag reel?

Details are sketchy, and the evidence points us to one conclusion: The nefarious Amanda Bynes imposter strikes again!

Amanda Bynes

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