For so many Texas, waiting to get the COVID-19 vaccine has been an exercise in frustration. Vaccines have been available for months but getting through either online or through a phone bank to get a vaccine reserved and then get the magical call back for an actual appointment has been ridiculously difficult. There are all kinds of hacks that people have tried, but for most Texans, the chase for the vaccine has left them empty-handed.

There is some great news today from the Texas Department of State Health Services today, however. They have announced that the department expects vaccine supplies to increase next week and they say that all adults will be eligible to get a COVID-19 vaccine in Texas beginning next Monday, March 29.

Person receiving a vaccine
Jeffrey Hamilton

People who are 80 years old and older will be prioritized when they are scheduling appointments and will even be allowed to get the vaccine when they go to a vaccine site whether they have an appointment or not. DSHS officials say that will make getting the elderly vaccinated as quickly as possible as easy as possible on them.

Next week, the DSHS will launch a website that will allow you to register for a vaccine through public health providers. YOu will be able to enroll in the Texas Public Health Vaccine Scheduler in order to find upcoming vaccine clinics. You can find additional providers though the DSHS Vaccine Information website by clicking here.

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If you or your loved one isn't comfortable doing online registration, DSHS will launch a toll-free number for people who need assistance in making an appointment with a participating provider or helping you find another provider that has vaccine available. When that number is released, we will update this article.

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