Happy Day - El Paso’s Khalid and Alicia Keys just dropped a new single and video for So Done.

Khalid and Alicia Keys had been teasing fans on social media all week long in anticipation of their newly released collaborative single, So Done, which debuted on Friday.

The song's release also includes the video debut that features both Alicia Keys and Khalid performing at a high school prom where a new student is seen having trouble fitting in until a group of motorcyclists crashes the party and awakens her confidence to follow her own path in life.

So Done is the new single that will be featured on Alicia Keys’ upcoming album ALICIA, which is set to be released later this fall.

Khalid’s versatility and mad skills have led to collaborations with over 40 artists in the last couple of years including, Pink, Imagine Dragons, Disclosure, Shawn Mendes, and even Ed Sheeran to name but a few.


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