If you've ever experienced that moment where you suddenly feel like the person you're talking about is standing right behind you, then you know all too well how a handful of dedicated Adele impersonators feel right now.

In a new video from the BBC, Adele goes hilariously undercover as Jenny, a nanny by day and Adele impersonator hopeful by night. Wearing a prosthetic nose, lip-thinning makeup, gloves to cover her tattoos, and a fake chin to mask her self-proclaimed "bum chin," the iconic singer is almost unrecognizable as she greets the host of the prank—a particularly amused Graham Norton, who is in on the folly, of course.

The best part comes, however, when the artist actually joins in with a group of real-life Adele impersonators attending an audition. Even among this die-hard group of fans, no one's antennas are raised by calm-spoken Jenny, who sulks in the background and complains that Adele is "taking her time" with the new album. At one point, she even feigns an over-the-top bout of nausea and stage fright.

The jig is up though once Jenny—aka the Real Adele—takes to the stage and launches into the first verse of "Make You Feel My Love," that unmistakable powerhouse voice suddenly erupting from Jenny's painted-on mouth. Watching on from the audience, the presence of their idol finally clicks (for some quicker than others), and the result is purely magical.

Watch the heartwarming prank below:

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