If you want to partake in the culinary pleasure of flautas-floating-in-tomato-juice-covered-in-cheese, you’re going to have to mask up until you’re actually eating them.

Call it COVID fatigue. Quaran-tired. A bad day. Whatever the circumstances, a woman’s refusal to wear a face mask while inside a Chico’s Tacos led to another mask related conflict caught on camera. Video of the “confrontation between a Chico’s security guard and abuela that refused to wear a mask” has been racking up thousands of views on the Instagram account FitFam El Paso.

“Don’t touch me. Don’t f***ing touch me,” the woman says repeatedly to the security guard as he tries to get her to leave the premises. “I’m going outside, but don’t f***ing touch me. I have my rights. Don’t touch me,” she continues. The squabble then gets physical when the security guard grabs her purse from off the counter. A struggle over the purse ensues before two store employees step in and walk her out.

As cringe-worthy as the exchange was, it could’ve been way uglier as such mask conflicts have been known to get. Just ask the Dapper Doughnut employee at the Fountains of Farah who had a customer lose her mind and assaulted her with a just-purchased box of mini-donuts this past July.

Yeah, I must agree with the person who commented of the security guard, “He's lucky she didn't pull out the chancla."

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