The local face mask mandate requires businesses to make certain customers are wearing some sort of face covering while in the store, essentially making business owners the face mask police.

That coupled with the feeling by some that being “forced” to wear one is a way bigger deal than it should be, has led to verbal and/or physical altercations between customers and employees. A video of just such an encounter at an El Paso doughnut shop is the latest example of the coronavirus mask insanity gripping America.

The clip, shared on the Instagram account FitFam El Paso, shows a woman inside The Dapper Doughnut at the Fountains at Farah wearing a mask like she’s supposed and being told her husband – who is seen with his mask pulled down to his chin -- had to wear his mask properly or he would have to wait outside.

The customer responds by throwing the just-purchased box of mini-donuts at the store employee and leaving the premises. Her non-compliant husband then allegedly steals a mug after being denied a refund for the weaponized mini-treats.

It should be noted the recording, which appears to have been sourced from the store’s security camera, has been heavily edited and does not have any sound other than what was presumably added by FitFam for comedic effect. And because we don’t hear for ourselves how everything transpired, the captioned dialogue between them should be taken with a grain of salt. You know, that whole innocent until proven guilty thing.

In case you're wondering, the face mask mandate states in part that all individuals over the age of two (2) "are required to wear some form of face covering over their nose and mouth while outside of their home or residence."

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