Green Bay Packers running back Aaron Jones will be taking the field tonight on Monday Night Football, and his love for his hometown will be evident. Jones will be wearing a pair of custom-made cleats by local artist Cmoore Kickz.

Jones posted a video on Instagram on Sunday of the shoes that are Green Bay gold and green and sport the City of El Paso seal on the heel of one shoe and the UTEP logo on the other. Jones graduated from Burges High School and was a star player for UTEP. He was not expected to be a huge factor in this season because he was a third string running back, but a series of injuries suffered by other players brought him to the forefront of the team and he has performed so well that he has been named NFL Rookie of the Week twice this season.

Cmoore_Kickz has an amazing gallery of his art and work on Facebook, or you can check out his Instagram page. The masks and shoes he creates are stunning! So how do you get an up-and-coming superstar to wear your shoes? In Cmoore's case, he posted on his Instagram and asked people to tag him. Cmoore told me, that much to his surprise, enough people tagged him and he reached out to him. In addition to the shoes for Jones, Cmoore is also working on a shoe for Jumpman Bostic, a popular figure in the sneaker community, and a shoe for Jason David Frank, better known for his roll as the Green Ranger in the original Mighty Morphen Power Rangers.

Good to see so much El Paso talent getting national attention!

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