People will do anything for a fast buck nowadays...and I mean anything. You won't believe what some people will do for as little as $5.

Want to have a Valentine's song sung to your Valentine for just five dollars? How about have a girl hold a sign that says anything you want and while making a cute face for just twenty quarters? It's all up for sale and a crazy fun website. Here are some of the oddest things I found that people will do for a quick five bucks:

  • Laser Engrave a Message on a small stone
  • Send your loved one a box of chocolate
  • Make you a pair of Lego earrings
  • Crochet you a handbag
  • Make you a complete health guide
  • Be your virtual personal assistant
  • Record a Santa Claus voice
  • Proofread up to 5,000 words
  • Make soap with any picture you want on it
  • Get Bert and Ernie to send you a Christmas greeting

I could go on all day! Check out Fiverr and see what you can make a complete stranger do for only $5. The possibilities are endless.

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