There is a place that will have you feeling tripped out as if you're on a psychedelic without actually being on it. Well, okay, maybe not to that extreme but normally at painting studios such as I Painted That you normally paint in the light.

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Well, there is a spot in town that is bending the rules and taking painting to the next level. Now I am sure almost everyone would be down to paint in the dark.

Sure you're probably thinking that a mission to paint in the dark seems impossible to do, but not in this case. There is a room where you can rage paint with glow-in-the-dark colors with little light exposure.

UV Painting seems like so much fun to do either with your kids or friends. You can imagine the aftermath of UV rage painting while you and your masterpiece of a painting are glowing in the dark.

This new additional room has me rejoicing because ever since the UV drum painting scene in Miss Congeniality (above) I have wanted to UV rage paint. Just as the UV Black Lights YouTube video (below) shows you what to expect when you paint under a blacklight.

But you can get your glow-in-the-dark rage paint on at Roaring Rage Lounge by booking your appointment by clicking here.

You can bet this room would definitely make for those perfect memories and pictures. Now El Paso has another spot to hang out and have some fun with family and friends.

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