April Fools seems to be a dying holiday in America. No one really pulls pranks anymore, due to too many police-involved incidents. Big businesses try to get in on the fun with fake new products, but social media users are too slick for that. You won't see many celebrities trying anything, except Justin Bieber, who tried this year and totally failed with his bad pregnancy prank on Instagram.

The people of Budapest have turned April Fools' Day into a day to relieve some stress by walking their streets in a silly way. A 'Silly Walk' parade is held each year in Budapest, which is an event inspired by a Monty Python skit.

As you can see in the video, it is a hilarious way for people to have some fun in a harmless way without pulling some lame April Fools Prank. A few people even see this parade as a way to forget the stress in their lives and get a little silly. All I want to know is why doesn't El Paso have one of these already? I say we start one next year! Who is with me?

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