Lately, some people have felt frustrated from being cooped up. Plus, it's not like you can just go grab some food or drinks somewhere at this moment. During these times is when Sunday Funday is limited because of lockdown. But that is where this cruise and game can keep Sunday Funday and spirits alive. Since we can't exactly be around strangers under one roof just yet, we have to improvise. The best kind of Sunday Funday is the kind you listen to music, cruise, and scope out El Paso.

It is nice to remember what it feels like to cruise around our city. It's even better with a scavenger hunt you can play while staying strapped in the car and on the go. You can even tell a story behind some of the places you will visit on this scavenger hunt list. Your quarantine crew would appreciate escaping the cave for this adventurous activity.

  1. Find a pink bench isn't as hard as you think it is. The destination is quite the distance from the Westside.
  2. Using Transmountain Road helps to get from one side of town to the other. You will even spot an elephant on the Franklin Mountains leaving from the Westside.
  3. This decorated and open home is known as the "Abandoned Orphanage" by many. Clearly you can tell El Paso has a lot of talented graffiti enthusiasts.
  4. There is a story every local knows about a certain underground school bus that is spooky. Sometime last year they closed it off completely.
  5. Another sight to see is the entrance to a lake we all know, love, and miss which is Shadow Mountain Lake
  6. The final destination on your scavenger hunt is fondly remembered by many. You can find Magic Landing's train is permanently parked at El Paso Connection.

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