Our city has taken somewhat of a beating the past few days.  A couple of people from out of town were less than thrilled at what El Paso has to offer.  With your help, we've begun sticking up for ourselves by asking "Why Do You Love El Paso?"

In addition to all the beauty the area has to offer, there have been some pretty prominent people come from here.  People who have truly made an impact either in their field or on the nation.  Here's a quick rundown of just a few of those names......

Sandra Day O'Connor - 1st woman ever appointed to the United States Supreme Court and a graduate of Austin High School.

Don Haskins - A man whose accomplishments people don't need to be reminded of.

Sam Donaldson - Network news reporter and anchor. Born in El Paso and attended Texas Western College (UTEP).

Danny Olivas - Astronaut and UTEP graduate.

F. Murray Abraham - Oscar winner and graduate of El Paso High School

Laura Harring - Actress, former Miss El Paso and Miss America pageant winner.

Jack Handey - Humorist, author of former SNL segment Deep Thoughts by Jack Handey.  Attended Eastwood High School and UTEP.

Gene Roddenberry - Creator of Star Trek and an idol to nerds all over the world was born in El Paso.

Those are links to just a few prominent El Pasoans.  The list of names and groups with ties to this wonderful city that I've left out is even bigger.  Tim Hardaway, Nate Archibald, Bobby Fuller, At The Drive In/Mars Volta/Sparta, Debbie Reynolds,  Cormac McCarthy, Stevie Nicks (yes, THAT Stevie Nicks - attended grade school here), Rich Beem, Bob Beamon......Well, you get the point.  What I'm trying to say is that it's the people that have truly made and will continue to make El Paso a beautiful place.

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