By now, most of you have heard of the meteorite that caused a bunch of damage in Russia and injured over 1,100 people.  Glass was literally raining down on people.  Either as a result of busted windows or the meteorite itself getting so hot as it entered the atmosphere that it turned into glass.  At least there's an explanation that makes sense for the Russian incident.  That's not the case with these other reported instances of weird things falling from the sky....

  1. 2007 in Louisiana AND 2011 in Scotland - Clumps of worms fell from the sky.  Best possible explanation is that a storm picked up the worms from nearby and dropped them once it subsided.
  2. 2007 in Washington State - A cow fell onto the hood of minivan.  Best possible explanation is that the cow fell from nearby 200 foot cliff.
  3. 2012 in California - A 2-foot-long shark was found on a golf course.  Best possible explanation is that a bird snatched it from the ocean as prey and dropped it.
  4. 1876 in Kentucky AND 2012 in Virginia - Raw meat/chicken rained down from the sky.  Best possible explanation for the Virginia incident is that a Sea Gull picked up the pieces of chicken from a nearby processing plant and dropped it on a family going for a nice bike ride.
  5. 2012 in California - A puppy fell in a 7-year-old's backyard.  A hawk was the likely culprit.  The puppy is OK and was adopted by the family whose yard it fell in.
  6. 2012 in London - A HUMAN BEING was found laying on the ground (dead unfortunately).  What was originally thought to be a murder ended up being the case of a stowaway who fell from a passing airplane when its landing gear was lowered.

Click here if you want to read more about these bizarre cases.  WARNING - The language is PG-13 at times.  I've also attached some of the Russian meteorite.