Step back in time inside Monteleone's Haunted Motel and Restaurant, now open in Central El Paso.


Owners of Monteleone's Italian Ristorante are expanding to give El Pasoans a hauntingly new dining experience. The long-abandoned real-life haunted home is now a restaurant with a motel theme that will showcase local murder mystery dinner shows.

Owner Gary Monteleone shared that the woman who owned the home in the 1920s sold radioactive water out of her home, and after her death, many supernatural activities began to occur.


The home sat abandoned for years because of all the weird paranormal activity until Gary stepped in to purchase the house and began converting it into the jewel of a theatre and dinner showcase it is today - ghosts included.

The transformation of the home that now houses Monteleone's Haunted Motel and Restaurant is not only incredibly detailed, but the interactive dinner theatre cast seals the experience completely.


What can you expect at Monteleone's Haunted Motel and Restaurant?

Patrons can expect to be transported in time to the early 1920s when speakeasies, flappers, notorious gangsters, silent movies, and jazz were the hottest tickets in town.


Every month patrons can expect a new menu and play with the same cast. Speaking of the talented cast, the Bell Hop Players are phenomenal, always in character from the moment you walk inside to the moment you step out.

Upon arrival, motel personnel will greet patrons with a key to their seating area, varying from open seating to any one of four personal cabin pods.


The murder mystery dinner show is interactive, so the characters walk around talking to everyone, even themselves. Patrons are also encouraged to walk around and immerse themselves in the play, chatting and asking questions to help solve the crime. At the same time, the Motel owner and staff take your order and brings your meal and beverages as everyone attempts to solve the crime.

Monteleone's Haunted Motel Theatre Restaurant, with its roaring twenties vibe, incredible eats, and resident ghosts, makes for a hauntingly good time.




  • Openers: Homemade Bread, Small House Salad or Steak Soup
  • Main Course: 8 oz. Ribeye with green chili au gratin potatoes or Vegetarian Option: Grilled Portabella Steak Salad with green chili au gratin potatoes.
  • Meals include water and tea, but beer and wine will also be available for purchase.

A Look Inside Monteleone's Haunted Motel and Restaurant

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