What started as a social media post of photos of a poor cat stuck on the ledge of the Hawkins Ramp, turned into a heartwarming rescue story.

As many El Pasoans attempted to recover from Christmas and go straight into the new year, some attempted to help rescue a stray cat hiding underneath a very busy I-10 ramp. Once the story went viral, many locals tried to rescue the cat themselves and just made the situation worse, according to Sun City Cats.

Trust me as a self-proclaimed cat lady, I wanted to climb that ramp and save that cat from the moment I saw the post. I knew I would just be making the situation worse, so I just begged for updates on social media sites.

Luckily, professionals came in and managed to rescue the cat, after setting up a trap and waiting for the word, the cat climbed into the trap. So thank you a thousand times to those who helped rescue the cat and didn't just ignore the poor baby.

Hawkins Kitty is now a local social media celebrity who is doing well. Officials think the poor cat probably climbed up in a car's engine and fell out during the drive.

This does happen a lot and I have heard terrible experiences with stray cats trying to find a warm spot and end up dying, once a car starts up. Please always check your vehicle when you start it up on a cold morning. Stray cats are just trying to stay warm, so please hit your hood or honk your horn to warn them BEFORE you start your car.

I have also been outraged when I see dead cats and dogs on I-10, so please, accidents happen, but if you know someone who intentionally throws animals out of moving vehicles, please report them.

While Hawkins Kitty is not ready to be adopted, you can head out to El Paso Animal Servies to adopt a cat or even foster one. If you don't want to take on the responsibility, feel free to make a donation. Cats get a bad reputation but nothing is more rewarding than winning over the love of a cat.

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