There is a public Facebook page that shared something that didn't sit well with some locals. Now we all know everyone is entitled to their own opinion but sometimes their opinion can land them in some heat. That happened after the Facebook page shared a picture of the El Paso County Court House with three flags waving around above the building.

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The caption for the picture of El Paso County Court House's flags is what some locals weren't very fond of. In fact, most of the comments from some locals were backing the flags above the El Paso County Court House. The social media page sure did open up a can of worms after sharing their thoughts.

I am not accusing the person behind the post to be hateful just has me wonder where is the love? It makes you wonder what happened to the times we all once supported one another after Saturday, August 3, 2019? Not sure if the person running that page was expecting to have more people side with them instead of the initial reaction.

The post had the opposite reaction, and tons of locals showed support for all three flags. In fact, a lot of people were so unhappy they wanted the person running the page to reveal themselves. But the nice thing that came out of this was to see just how many people stood up for them.

El Paso has its share of people that don't agree with certain lifestyles and choose not to support them. But technically they're still showing support by sharing something involving the subject matter. Let me know how you feel by sharing your opinion in the poll below.

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