A few years ago, an El Paso pastor started a recall election against former El Paso mayor John Cook, and two El Paso City reps. At the time Tom Brown, of the Word of Life Church said that Cook and the two reps were trying to change the nature of marriage by allowing domestic partner benefits for City employees. Brown used the domestic partner benefits issue as a way to get his name into the news and it worked. He's been pretty quiet for the past few years but he outed himself in a big way on Twitter recently and it had nothing to do with his sexuality - it was all about church money. Here's the text that started it all.

If you're wondering where Tom Brown comes into this, well, here's where. Instead of keeping people guessing on tweet that probably would have died if Brown hadn't gotten all worked up, he decided to reveal himself as the pastor.

People were asking why Brown didn't use the church's money to help the poor or do some other good deed. He never answered that question but he did go out of his way to smile for the camera and call Jeffery Q "the enemy". I thought Brown was a man of God. Is calling him "the enemy" really what Jesus would have done? It got better.

Standing around the pool, Brown decided to use the "cast the first stone" parable and say that the church of Jesus Christ "cannot be harsh towards people". Brown's Twitter bio says he is "famous for his deliverance ministry" but apparently he was not happy about being infamous on social media. There were some people who had some harsh things to say to Brown when he got angry and posted a screenshot of the controversy. Then he said critics of his "often, they hate God." Wow.

Brown sure does take the whole "Love Your Neighbor As Yourself" thing seriously, doesn't he? Instead of answering the question of why he was using church funds to buy expensive jewelry using the church's tax exempt status, money raised by people who go to his church and tithe for the good works Brown's ministry is supposed to do, Brown instead accuses people who question why he didn't use his own personal money to thank his volunteers of hating God. Maybe Tom Brown has never read Matthew 19:21, "Jesus answered, “If you want to be perfect, go, sell your possessions and give to the poor, and you will have treasure in heaven. Then come, follow me.”

And yes, Jeffrey Q did lose his job over this, so way to go Pastor Brown. How very Christian of you, Pastor.

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