Here’s a helpful guide to teenager lingo. You hear all the kids talking and you just go along with their abbreviations and nonsense. Now you don't have to! It's the Patty Campos Teen Lingo for Dummies.

        • S.W.A.G

- Swag is basically a dumb, over-used word used mostly by teens or by kids trying to be cool. What it is supposed to mean is how a person presents themselves, usually in a douche bag way. You know those people with their boxers hanging out, sideways hat, and every other phrase is "you know what I'm saying".

      • Twerk - Now that Miley Cyrus showed us how terrible she is at it, the Oxnard Dictionary has decided to add it into the dictionary. Basically, twerking is wiggling your butt as you are bent over. Miley showed us this in her VMA performance when she performed with Beetle Juice... as known as Robin Thicke.
  • Obvi- This is obviously an abbreviation for obviously.
  • Totes - This totes obvi is an abbreviation for totally... obvi!
  • Fo sho - This is a term for 'for sure.” It’s another way to say 'you're welcome' or 'yes'.
  • Cray Cray - Amanda Bynes should come up in the dictionary next to this term. Simply it means crazy.
  • Photo Bomb - Everyone photo bombs, either on purpose or unintentionally. Meaning a person attempting to ruin a photograph by standing in the background. An example:
  • Y.O.L.O - This has to be the dumbest acronym in history. Standing for “You Only Live Once,” which basically gives excuses for stupid behavior.
  • #TBT - This hashtag is often used on Thursdays simply because it stands for "Throwback Thursdays." An Instagrammer’s dream to put up drooling baby photo of themselvs in years past.
  • Selfies - Cool way to take a picture of yourself.
  • Una #selfie como ustedes y con música derr diablo on Twitpic

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