HOW PROMISCUOUS ARE YOU???!!!:  A team of Canadian and British scientists unveiled a way to test just how big a tramp your great-great-great-great-great-grandparents were.

Apparently, a propensity for promiscuity is related to prenatal androgens. Those hormones also rule the finger-size ratio. By comparatively measuring blah, blah, blah ... Let’s get to the good part: how to test your own loosey-goosey legacy.

Step 1: Put your palm in the air like you’re a true playah. Or photocopy it when no one at your office is looking.

Step 2: Measure both your index and ring finger from the base fold to the tippity top! No nails included.

Step 3: The closer your ring finger is to the size of your index finger, the more of a ho your ancestors were. The more of a ho your ancestors were, the more likely you like getting your swerve on!