It seems UTEP football games aren’t drawing much of a crowd these days.

The last home game was witnessed by an announced season low crowd of 17,000 fans; although those in the know say the actual number of people who attended was way lower than that. Call me a Negative Nancy but I'm not optimistic it’ll get much better – both attendance and the team’s record.

I don't want to say they're awful but instead of the National Anthem they should consider playing "Taps." Sunland Park Mall shows more signs of life than their offense. And if you've been to that mall lately then you know how badly I just burned UTEP.

University officials told KFOX14 they had a few things up their sleeve they hope will increase attendance of the last 3 home games of the season but didn’t go into detail as to what those plans were.

I have a few ideas that might help them get more butts in the seats:

  • Start charging $7.50 for a medium coffee.

    Hey, it works for Starbucks!
    gettyimages/Justin Sullivan
  • Do something crazy

    Hire vendors who can avoid scowling at customers while taking their orders.
  • Let all the fans in the stands playing Pokémon Go wander onto the field.

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  • Three words:

    Trump Piñata Night
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  • TxDot Construction Night

    Everyone in attendance is entered in a drawing to win a police escort through any and all traffic jams caused by poorly planned detours and alternate routes for the next year.
  • Replace Paydirt Pete with a yappy Chihuahua

    Hey, it works for the baseball team!
  • Show an actual college football game on the big screen

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