The Thug Life videos circulating around the interwebs are pretty funny, but these ones will top them we guarantee it. Check them out.

Any videos with kids in them acting funny are always a good laugh but when you add some rap music and the hashtag "thug life", it all seems to get even funnier.

You have to admit, this kid had a point...

This has got to be the best "thug life" celeb video. Nicki Minaj didn't see this coming.

Then there is this dog. He looks like he's gonna give his owner something to punch about next time.

And since we had a thug life dog moment, I thought we had to have one in there for the cat lovers. And let me tell you, this cat ain't no thug to mess with.

This little guy is huge on Vine, he has so many funny videos. He surely is a thug. Check out that face.

And last but not least, there is this thug life baby...makes me wonder if he's related to KLAQ's Scott Ronson.

The thug life themed videos will never get old, they are hilarious. And as long as the cameras are rolling, people will continue to make a fool of themselves.