Try out these longtime traditional rituals to help usher in the New Year from the safety and comfort of your home.

We can all agree that 2021 has been a nightmare of a year, and that is why as we could all use some extra good vibes as we look forward to 2022.

With family on both sides of the border, we had plenty of family traditions to go around, including several; that was said to help usher in some good juju for the New Year.

At the end of every year, our family and friends usually gather for a huge party filled with plenty of traditional eats and fun; that leads up to the countdown of the New Year. Half an hour before the end of the year, brooms, suitcases, grapes, and many more props, will be set out to be used as part of the annual New Year rituals.

While we won't be gathering en masse this year, we can still partake in these fun and safe traditions to welcome in a new vibe for the New Year.

Red Underwear

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It all begins with red chonis (underwear) on the morning of the last day of the year. Wearing red underwear into the New Year is said to bring passion and love into your life. Wearing other colors such as yellow is said to bring good fortune and prosperity, while white-colored underwear is said to welcome peace, joy, and happiness in the New Year.


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To welcome new travels, for the New Year, pick up a suitcase and walk out of the house, travel a few steps, and come inside. The further out you go out, the further you'll travel.

Sweeping Out The Negative

The Open Door
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This ritual has you sweeping dirt from inside your home out. This is said to keep out unwelcome company and bad vibes in your home and space.

Burn The Old

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In my family, we all write down all those thoughts and grievances from the year and throw them into a controlled fire pit. (Please, never leave a fire unattended)

Tequila Toast

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Most people; usually ring in the New Year by toasting with Champagne, but in my family, we toast with tequila. Apple juice for the kids.


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As we toast the New Year, we also give each other money, such as a $1 bill. It encourages altruism for the New Year as you receive money from someone else fulling instant good karma.

12 Grapes

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At the stroke of midnight, we all consume 12 grapes each while simultaneously making 12 wishes, one for each new month of the year, all before the minute is up. If you fail, bad luck will ensue instead. Hack: Make a list and read it as you eat the 12 grapes.

My family’s New Year's Eve traditions have been handed down over the years and are an amalgamation of various traditions out there. Whether or not they come true is a matter of opinion and perspective, but they are always a ton of fun. Share your family holiday traditions by emailing me at



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