We have been brought up to think certain things about food, but sometimes your parents told you some white lies to keep you from eating these foods or the opposite. Here is the truth.

Don't drink coffee when you're little because it stunts your growth, right? Wrong. Coffee actually has no affect whatsoever on growth. That was just your mom telling you not to have too much caffeine or to save her a cup or two in the morning.

Or maybe as a kid you weren't allowed to have any sugar because it would "make you hyper". That is also a lie. Sugar really has no affect on your hyper activity, if anything it should make you sleepy. This is why we have that crash after an energy drink.

Pack on that vitamin C when you feel a cold coming on, don't want to get sick, right? Well vitamin C is good for you but there is no scientific evidence that vitamin C will prevent a cold. And along the vitamin C lines, eat that orange that's packed with the most vitamin C, right? Wrong again, actually there are many other veggies and fruits that have more, like a green chile for example.

And finally, this lie is pretty popular around the El Paso area, the common lie that too much sugar leads to diabetes. When in fact, sugar promotes weight gain and weight gain in turn can cause diabetes.

There you have it, some common food lies that you can now breathe easier about. Happy eating!