Spring Break is around the corner, you have a couple of days off, you don't want to stay in town but don't have a lot to spend? Here are some places to party it up that won't break the bank.

Kayak has compiled a list of some places that you can visit and still have some cash in your bank. And even better news, the cost they have listed is for round trip airfare! Not only can you go to a Spring Break destination, but you can come back to reality and still have real money in your account.

Remember, prices vary depending on when you book.

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    Puerto Rico

    $440 - Amazing beaches, beautiful people, fun in the sun. Sounds like a great time to me!

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    $337 - Crystal blue clear ocean views, drinks with umbrellas in them. Glistening sunsets. Fun!

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    $343 - Two words: Disney World!

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    New York

    $336 - The Big Apple, Times Square, Manhattan lifestyle. Surround yourself with the city life in the biggest city in the US.

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    Los Angeles

    $267 - Disneyland, beaches all up and down the coast, Theme parks and Hollywood!

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    San Antonio

    $234 - The relaxing and beautiful Riverwalk, the malls, Seaworld and Six Flags!