The web hosting company GoDaddy has triggered so much controversy with an ad that was supposed to air during Sunday's Super Bowl, they've decided not to run it.

The commercial starts with a cute golden retriever puppy falling off a truck, then making the long, arduous journey back home to his farm. When he gets there, his owner is overjoyed to see him -- because she'd already sold him to what appears to be a breeder.

It was meant to be a parody of Budweiser's pandering puppy spots, but animal activists and animal lovers didn't find the humor in it and flipped, claiming it encouraged "private breeding/puppy mills while shelter animals wait patiently for their forever homes or worse - to be euthanized."

The backlash was so intense Go Daddy ended up yanking the video from YouTube, and promising not to air it during the game. Check it out, then tell me if you find it offensive or if you feel people over-reacted.

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