Haunted El Paso: From a portal to a shadow man that roams the hallways; these are the paranormal activities reported at Austin High School - video included.


Welcome to the second edition of Haunted El Paso, where we delve into the most haunted hot spots across the borderland.

Located in Central El Paso facing the Franklin Mountains, Austin High School was named after Stephen F. Austin (the founder of Anglo Texas) and, in 1930, was built by the R.E. McKee Construction Company.  Its classic Spanish architecture, along with its marble and terrazzo flooring, is made even more impressive by the structure’s surmounted 103-foot tower.

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Austin High School is one of the oldest schools in El Paso, and it’s also one of the most active paranormal locations that the Paso Del Norte Paranormal Society has ever investigated.


Stories and legends tell of varied paranormal activities in and around the school grounds over the years. Some of those unexplainable occurrences include the apparition of a little girl near a stairwell along with the ghost of a cheerleader, who was rumored to have thrown herself from the school's tower to a shadow man who walks into classrooms only to disappear.

School staff also reported sightings of a big black cat wandering the now blocked tunnels along with voices and whispers heard down empty hallways.


Security has also responded to alarms of late-night activity in one of the women’s bathrooms on the first floor – only to find nothing as toilets flushed and lights switch on and off on their own.

Students and staff have also reported paranormal activity in the gym, where a portal is said to exist while lockers and doors open and close on their own.


There is also the story of a janitor who is said to roam the halls of the 91-year-old institution. The ghostly apparition of the janitor was also caught on camera a few years back during a ghost hunting investigation by the Paso del Norte Paranormal Society.

The video shows a dark figure down an empty half-lit hallway that seems to be pushing a mop. Investigators say that when they filmed the footage, they could not see anything with the naked eye, but they could see the activity as it was happening on the video screen.

With a bevy of paranormal activity, Austin High School makes our list one of the most Haunted El Paso locations on the borderland.

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