El Pasoans are discovering the world of exotic snacks thanks to two young entrepreneurs who just opened up a new rare snacks market in Central El Paso.


Located on the corner of Montana and Lee Street, the Jiggy Market is the only market in town where El Pasoans will find rare, imported beverages and snacks sourced from all over the globe including the UK, China, Korea, Serbia, and even Germany to name a few.

The market is also a retail shop that sells vintage clothing, streetwear, novelty tees, sneakers, and much more.  

Jiggy Market

The search for exotic foods is nothing new and has found its place in pop culture thanks to the power of social media. Up to now, the only place El Pasoans could find rare snacks was online, but now thanks to two young 19-year-old friends and entrepreneurs Andrew Martinez and Juan Carlos Limas, that's all changed.   

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After visiting the Jiggy Market, I literally felt like a kid at a candy store. There was so much to choose from, but I ultimately picked up a refreshing Tropical Mix Flavored Minute Maid from China and a Milka Tuc delicious milk chocolate-covered biscuit from Germany. They were amazing!


Now curious fans in El Paso can have a taste of the unusual with a variety of sweet and savory selections that include sodas from Jamaica, Cheetos in dozens of unique flavors, cookies, and candies that you won't find in America and so many more delicious and interesting flavors.

The Jiggy Market (1601 Montana) just opened a week ago with more inventory coming soon, so if you're curious and are down to try the uncommon, stop by to support local and explore a world of curios flavors from abroad.

Discover A World Of Exotic Snacks In El Paso

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