Check out some of the most creative door decorating contest themes that included a life-size Barbie in a box and The Silence of The Lambs themed Santa door.

JAG is a full service Mechanical, Electrical Communications, and Plumbing Company, servicing Texas and New Mexico.

Employees at JAG turned up with some clever, fun, and a bit naughty themes for their annual Christmas Door Decorating Contest.

A total of 13 doors were intricately decorated, including the use of many props, sounds, and electric wiring.

Stand out mentions go out to the creators of the unique doors, Chain Link Fence Christmas Tree, The Life-Size Barbie Box under a Christmas tree, and The Silence of the Lambs Santa.

Christmas Tree Link Fence

This Christmas tree was wired onto the chain-link fence and lit up presents beneath it.

Toilet Paper Christmas Tree Sanitizer Star

Only in 2020 does a Christmas tree made out of rolls of toilet paper topped with a bottle of hand sanitizer sitting in for a traditional star make absolute sense.

Christmas Wind Chime

This delightful Christmas themed wind chime is Pinterest worthy.

Silent Night

This 3D door featured a paper mache tree with billowy clouds made out of cotton and lights hidden beneath to give off the illusion of a stormy “silent night” with thunder and rain sound effects playing in the background.

Snoopy Door

Tools of the trade made up this door with a picture of Snoopy attached as well.

Felt Polar Bear with Real Tree Bark

This door was covered in felt and featured a felt Christmas tree with lights and the bark of an actual tree for its base.

Reason for the Season Nativity Scene

This impressive creation was intricately made, featuring a cutout Nativity Scene perfectly suspended against the door. The design also featured multiple light strands, the Star of Bethlehem, Poinsettias, Wise men, ornaments, and a lamb with Christmas music playing in the background.

Plumber’s Christmas Tree

Plumbing tubes and tools were used on this door.

Corner Office: Take a Selfie Window Display

This window space was not part of the contest; it was just decorated for fun. The area included Frosty’s first baby picture, The Grinch holding a mask instead of an ornament, and a cute selfie window station.

Barbie Box Under The Christmas Tree

Another favorite was the life-sized Barbie Box under the Christmas tree. This fun and clever design also featured a roaring fireplace and a human prop as well.

Santa Door

This Santa door was made out of felt and bags and bags of cotton for Santa’s beard.

Santa Dropping Christmas Gifts

An angel holds on to Santa as he leans over and drops gifts below.

The Silence of The Lambs Elves Themed Santa Claus

Finally, this door gets the honorable mention of being the most distinctive holiday-themed door out there. This door was inspired by the film, The Silence of The Lambs, or in this case, The Silence of The Elves. This door featured a hand-drawn Santa imitating the famous Buffalo Bill dancing pose in the film, and the song Goodbye Horses” by Q Lazzarus also played in the background. The naked Santa also sports a 3-D robe made out of paper and a nipple ring too.

With so many awesome door themes, the competition was tough, but ultimately only one winner would take the $500 prize home. Congrats to The Reason for The Season, winner of the JAG Holiday Door Decorating Contest.

Thank you to JAG for encouraging their employees to go all out for their annual Christmas Door Decorating Contest and for sharing some of that holiday spirit and cheer with us.

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