Ah the good ole days when music channels actually had music videos. One of my favorite shows was VH1's Pop Up Video. Something about watching a music video and seeing all the behind the scenes stuff as the video played, it  was just too cool. Here are the top 5 VH1 Pop up videos. Get ready to get nostalgic!

1.) R.E.M - Everybody Hurts

Some of the facts about this video make you go "hmmm". The dog becoming a cast member was my favorite part.

2.) The Rembrants - I'll Be There For You

The 'Friends' theme song, so of course the cast had to be in the video. In 1995 this was the most played song on the radio for 8 straight weeks! Gotta love 'Friends'.

3.) Madonna - Vogue

Kinda cool how Madonna's son makes an appearance in this video. And all the rumors about her seeing a "voguer" are interesting. He did get a lot of camera time.

4.) Lisa Loeb - Stay

The rumors about Ethan Hawke and Lisa Loeb are enough to love this pop up video. They probably made a cute couple if the rumors are true.

5.) Goo Goo Dolls - Iris

Did you know that this song was made for the movie "City of Angels"? Thanks Pop Up video! Some of the facts you learn are pretty cool. Too bad Pop Up video isn't around anymore...but it is! Weekdays, check out the info here. I'm sure videos now have some pretty fun facts behind them.