There are some things that just make you feel like you got it going on even if you're barely hanging on. Mike and I call it feeling low key rich. You know the feeling, it's like when you walk into a restaurant and you order the nine dollar bottle of beer not the beer that's on special because you fancy like that. Low key rich. Not really rich but rich enough to go a little big.

There are a few things that I see on social media that make people feel low key rich. You've seen the "just gonna restock my makeup" videos, or the "I feel like getting a pedicure on a Wednesday afternoon" posts. Mike felt low key rich the other day when he went to the grocery store and stood back after putting everything away and admired his full refrigerator. Here are five things that make me feel low key rich:

1. Balloon wine glasses - You've seen these at all the fancy shmancy restaurants but here's a little secret. You can get them at any discount place like Ross or Marshall's. They're ridiculously affordable and they totally make you feel like a Rich Housewife of 915.

Micha? Chodyra

2. Baskets in your pantry - Check out any Pinterest page and you'll see gorgeous pantries with baskets that have labels on them. I won't do the labels but a few well-placed baskets in my pantry make me feel super low key rich.

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3. Rolled up towels - Rolling your towels is so Insta and it really makes your linen closet look like you've stepped into a lavender-scented spa.


4. Indoor plants - Everyone has indoor plants but the cool trick my master gardener sister taught me is to put something in a big pot on the floor then surround it with smaller pots so they're all touching. The look you're going for is high end nursery. It really works and looks totally low key rich.

Arpad Nagy-Bagoly

5. Small bedroom chair - Another Ross or Marshall's purchase. Get a small fancy chair or bench and put it in a corner or at the foot of your bed. It looks so resort fancy but make sure it doesn't get piled up with dirty laundry or other stuff. It's supposed to just be a decoration or it just becomes "I can't hang anything else on my treadmill" and that's not low key rich.

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