This morning on Mike and Tricia Mornings, we kicked off the 12 Days of KISSmas. You know the drill – write down each days prize verbatim, and then on the 12th day of KISSmas, be caller number 93, give us the entire list back, exactly the way we said it on the air, and you win!

Whether this is your first time, or your millionth time, playing the 12 Days of KISSmas, here are a few hacks to help you win:

1. Use one piece of paper, or one Word doc to keep track of your list – If you’re caller 93, and you’re rifling through wads of paper, or trying to do a search of your computer for the different days of KISSmas, you’ll get frazzled and mess up on the air. We’re not mean, but we will hang up on you if you mess up. It’s the law of the west.

2. Don’t forget to listen around 6:50, 7:20, and 8:20 – Sometimes we run a little late, sometimes we’re a minute early. It’s live radio, and we don’t always hit the exact mark. If your boss is a Scrooge and won’t let you listen when you’re sitting at your desk, tie him up in his office so he can’t see you. *Disclaimer – We’re just kidding, don’t tie up your boss. Just bribe him with cookies. Bosses love cookies.

3. Get a little help from your friends – Greed is good, and we know you want all the loot for yourself, but if you tag team the list, you and a friend could split it if you win. Just don’t let your husbands know you’ve won. They’ll tell Santa and he won’t bring you any presents.

4. Never, and I mean never, say ‘Christmas’ – It’s KISSmas. Get used to it now because if we hear even the littlest trace of ‘Chr’, we’ll have to move to the next caller. We don’t want to be mean, but, see #1.

5. Finally, just have fun with it – It’s KISSmas time after all! No need to pour coffee on your co-workers radio so they can’t hear the list. Don’t hide voodoo dolls in your desk labeled ‘Other KISS listeners’. Be of good cheer and wish everyone all the best, and may the best man win!

Aw, who are we kidding? There’s a ton of great stuff on this list, and you want it all!! Listen every time we say a prize, write it down, and sacrifice a chicken to be caller 93 – it’s worth it!*

*No need to sacrifice chickens. Just buy some boneless, skinless breasts at the store and put them on the grill. It works the same.